Liner and Fill

FTLComm - Tisdale - Thursday, May 16, 2002

The liner was put in place and this morning the town began the process of filling in the excavation that has been the site of a huge clean up of soil contaminated by fuel leaks several decades ago.

Engineers have carefully supervised the project and determined that the area is free of contamination. However, to be certain as petroleum is lighter than water it could still be present in areas not excavated, the area is being walled off with a liner to prevent any

possible migration of residual products still in surround soils to the East.

This water proof liner provides an effect barrier to the movement of groundwater and thus the movement of any left over petroleum that might move with and on top of a future water table.

As you can see from these pictures the town has been thorough in the process digging a very big hole and removing the material which is now buried in the town's landfill site.

With this site filled in the property, a valuable commercial site is available for development. The decontamination of the site now frees up this property for sale as in its former state it could not be developed.