"I've Had Enough of Spring Already!"

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FTLComm - Tisdale - Friday, May 3, 2002

I talked to some one on the phone last night who explained that it snowed most of yesterday in LaRonge and on a trip from LaRonge to Saskatoon there was snow all the way to halfway house. This morning it was dull with a bit of haze and the ground was white from last night's snow but by 11:10, this picture (right) shows

what it was like in downtown Tisdale. At 11:20 the snow was rolling in from the North and pelting this cyclist with stinging frozen water droplets.

When I got home, I had decided that I had had enough of spring and would defer further movement out of the house until fall, as it looks like summer will be only a few hours long.

I realise that I shouldn't take it personal, but it seems to me that George W. Bush and Osama Bin Laden must have entered into some sort of weather conspiracy and we are all being punished as part of a plot. We will have to take sides either be Americans or fanatical Muslims.

My point being, all that seems trivial, even though its not trivial, when the weather is so bloody miserable.

Well, I know well that telling you how peeved I am about cold weather does nothing but get my discomfort out front, complaining almost seems like doing something, but in reality it isn't. There is nothing what ever I can do about the weather, but there is a lot that you and I and everyone we know, can do about the conditions facing our country. Bad social, economic and political conditions are not weather, they are conditions we have the power to alter. So let's make this simple. Establish the priorities and do something about it.

First and foremost we who live in Canada are citizens of a sovereign nation. We are not Americans they rebelled and established their own country in 1776. As citizens of a rich sovereign nation we do share a border and we do most of our commerce and trade with the people who live South of us but we remain our own people with laws and traditions that have created a very distinct society here.

The Americans practice Imperialism, they have purchased most of the wealth in our country and pursue a determined plan to get what little there is left. We can not blame the Americans for being Americans they are and always will be the same kind of whiskey traders and thieves that the Northwest Mounted Police were sent out here to clean up and preserve a place for Canadians. Our enemy is Canadians who live in all parts of the country but mostly in Alberta and Ontario who do not understand the difference and who want us to become Americans. People like Paul Martin who thinks we should use American money, people like Ralph Klein who thinks universal medical care is some form of communism, people like Brian Mulroney who donated to Americans power over commerce in Canada through a Free Trade deal that only works for Americans and has encouraged Americans to buy up all of Canada. People like our own Prime Minister whom I personally like very much, because he believes at times, on a good day, in democracy, but on a bad day, his weak spine bends to accommodate the Americans.

We Canadian tax payers are going to be asked to fork over money to American companies to pay American duties on softwood lumber taken from Canadian forests, companies that exploit those forests and the woodworkers who are threaten with layoffs if we don't pay them to make up the shortfall in their profits. If this makes sense to you, you haven't been paying attention.

Americans and Europeans subsidize agriculture so that their farmers over produce and drive the price down on products, making it uneconomical to farm in Canada. To meet this challenge Canadian farmers are getting together to produce huge farms that will eventually turn Canadian rural people into surfs and peasants.

At the heart of every economic issue is American economic imperialism and we have to demand. Oh not encourage or suggest, no demand, that our Canadian politicians decide if they are Americans or Canadians. They are either with us or against us, there is no middle way. Stephen Harper and the half wits who are caught in a temporal rift call the Canadian Alliance, the Disney world politics of the NDP and the spineless bunch who are blind following the blind all need to realise that we are Canadians and Canadians we will remain.

Those politicians for free trade in a world of protectionism must be voted out of office or tossed out right here and now. Those politicians who do not act judiciously to protect Canadian sovereignty in terms of our borders, national security and economic development, must be immediately stripped of their positions and sent to work in American owned un-unionised factories.

Strident hyper nationalism and out and out hostility to every move of economic and political aggression must be the order of every single day.

Damn, bad weather ticks me off.

Timothy W. Shire