Beyond Twilight

FTLComm - Tisdale - Saturday, May 18, 2002

With the planets and the moon getting into a nice formation in the sky twilight has become a very pleasant time. In case you wonder what is a planet and what is a star here is a simple test. The brightest star in the sky is the "dog star", Sirrius, that trails behind Orion. If anything in the night sky is brighter than Sirrius it is a planet.

These pictures were taken at 9:30 Thursday night and show between world, that time between daylight and darkenss when the lights and the semi darkness combine to produce

the scenes that are the result of human intervention in the natural world.

The Chicken Delight, Subway, a condominium, the front entrance to the RECPlex and below we see the Town office and the blue twilight sky.

All of these images have been altered to correct for the digital camera's tendency to produce red tones in low light and to correct the affects of the wide angle lens when tilted above the horizon.