Wednesday Afternoon 3:55 Traffic backed up

FTLComm - Tisdale - May 24, 2001
With the main street in the town also serving as highway #35 there is a fair bit of traffic all of the time and sometimes there will be three or more vehicles waiting each way at the four way stop in the middle of town. At 3:55 Wednesday, and this is not a specifically unique situation as it happens most days about this time, traffic was backed up two blocks from the North and three blocks from the South.

The pciture above shows the central business district with two "B" trains North bound and one South. The picture below taken as the camera recycled shows two more North bound "B" trains. Mixed into the heavy units are an assortment of cars, light trucks and vans.

The fact that a little traffic is slowed is hardly of consequence, but the importance of these pictures is to demonstrate that here in Rural Saskatchewan there is a considerable amount of activity. You can almost measure the economy of any place by the delivery of goods and services via the roads and highways, this is the tempo of the business environment and from this sample it looks like things are on the go.