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Toy Show 2005
Ftlcomm - Tisdale - Wednesday, November 23, 2005
Though this story has been titled "Toy Show" it really is far more than that. People, almost all people like to collect things, some more than others and these collections are both a shared experience but also a way of defining oneself and giving some perspective to the confusion of the culture in which we have all grown up to wonder about and some time hope to understand.

This is the second annual Toy Show and had several magnificient farm machinery collections and some dealer came to share their products with others. But, the displays that simply are jaw dropping are the scratch built farm machinery collections. From farm impliments of all kinds to a tractor from a farmer in Arborfield that sat outside the main door to the Golden Age Centre and I simply ignored it when I enter because it was so realistic that I just thought it was a manufacturer''s promotional product.

This year there was a fine and extensive display of Mattel Barbie dolls and accessories, two youths had remote control vehicles to show off and there was a fine candy maker on hand with loads of samples.

The members of the Golden Age Centre pitched in and contributed pie and the door admission and sale of the pie went to the Ronald Macdonald House in Saskatoon.

Click on the image on the right to see the four minute video of interviews with participants in the show. You will need the latest version of QuickTime to view the interview video. If the image does not show up on your screen just click here to go and get the plug-in, it installs easily and will increase your computer's functionality. This is a large video clip and do not attempt to play it on a dial-up connection it may require a bit of time to download on a high speed connection.

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Wednesday, November 23, 2005
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