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FTLComm - Tisdale - Saturday, December 18, 2004

As the seasons come and go Pauline Lindenbach of Weekes moves from one passion to another; quilts, knitting, gardening, cake decorating and time after time she comes back to the art of making flower arrangements.

The one at the top of the page is made with artificial flowers and like this one on the right is timeless as these skillful designed centre pieces bring life and colour to any setting. But come Christmas and Pauline moves to live plants to create marvelous arrangements that need the care of cut flowers.

These showing in this slide show (click on the little arrow at the bottom left of the window to begin the slide show) are those that are left from the many she has created this year. All are given away as gifts, mostly to senior citizens in the various homes and residences in Weekes and Porcupine Plain.

I must apologise for the lighting as I photographed these using an electronic flash which gives the subject a harsh appearance. These arrangements are not only colourful and novel but they have a special ambiance about them, the smells of the materials the scent of pine and the warmth of feeling that went into creating these artistic arrangements.

We have one of these in our living room and I must give it a drink to keep the flowers and leaves fresh as they will look their best right through our Christmas which begins a week from tonight.

Timothy W. Shire


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