Relay for life - $186,000

FTLComm - Tisdale - Saturday, May 31, 2003
Cancer in all the forms it takes touches everyone and for more that three hundred people who came out to the Relay for Life in Tisdale Friday night and through to Saturday morning who have survived this incredible threat, the touch has been a heavy hand. As I looked at the sea of faces in their team outfits or comical get up it was encouraging and elevating to consider their motivation and the collective good will that they were demonstrating to each other and to all who might see their positive attitude and unwavering hope.

I had seen the ground being prepared on Friday morning and attended fund raising events that were leading to this time and to see all these people when I arrived at just about 9:00 I was stunned. This was a big deal, and this many people made it a big deal. As you look at the
QuickTime image below which gives you a full 360º view of the scene you can get some idea of what it was all like. (This image can not be viewed without QuickTime installed in your computer, if you do not see the image click on here to download and install this useful enhancement to your system)
Supper had already ended so I stood around hungry amidst what seemed like a cheerful throng, for indeed they were in time for supper. The teams made their way around the track at a steady pace through a crowd that appeared to be much more than a thousand strong. I then set off to see what was happening and below are the images I recorded. Click on these and they each tell a story of Relay for life.

The relay is on!

57 kb

Walking between the rows of "luminaries"

71 kb

Inside the Smart Shop

52 kb

Healthy Eating table

52 kb

Outstanding diet display

68 kb

Smart shop displays

61 kb

Lost balloons

42 kb

Smart Shop displays

58 kb

Suvivor Tent Entrance

59 kb

Inside the survivors tent

52 kb

Survivor Tent sofas

68 kb


45 kb


70 kb

Parkland Photography Club

48 kb


56 kb

A full half of the area was set asside for tents and campsites for the teams in the relay. The teams had decorated their part of the field and set up a host of signs and provided themselves with a base for the twelve hour marathon. Below is a QuickTime virtual reality image that lets you look around the camp area.

Tent City

57 kb

One of the Team tents

51 kb

Time to light up

35 kb

Camp lights

29 kb

Wayne Harrison's band

62 kb

Crowd swells around the stage

41 kb

Friends and Neighbours

49 kb

Cold crowd

53 kb

Breakfast Time

41 kb

Pretty well full

51 kb

Lion did a great job

42 kb

Breakfast table

52 kb

Full tables

64 kb

Thats it folks

58 kb

Full Bleachers

60 kb

Volunteer's tent

49 kb

Behind the bleachers

45 kb

Startling results

47 kb


40 kb

It took nine months

46 kb


71 kb

Gerald Crawford clicks one more time

74 kb


38 kb

Timothy W. Shire


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