The Lived Environments of Girls and Women: Conference

FTLComm - Saskatoon - Friday, July 6, 2001

As a television crew got ready to capture an interview with the people from Tamara's House it was time to look around this major conference.

The University of Saskatchewan, Women's Research Unit was in its second day of its four day event, an interdisciplinary conference dealing with issues facing women and girls in their everyday lives.

The conference was kicked off Wednesday evening when American environmentalist and vice

presidential candidate in the last US election for the Green Party Winona LaDuke, spoke on Activism, Environmentalism, Politics, and Parenting: An Indigenous Woman's Life.

Here are some of the topics dealt with in various sessions Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

  • The healing potential of women telling their story through art, and literature.

  • Women's activism in support of commercial forestry

  • Mentorship through Quilting

  • Success of new imigrants through art
  • Realities of immigrant and refugee girls

  • Oppression of Indigenous women presented by an Australian

  • Unpaid work and social policy

  • Chinese Exclusion

  • Caregivers and paliative care

  • Aboriginal youth, feminine desires and disabilities

  • Inuit women power and prestige

  • Prairie women, violence and self harm

  • Sexual health of young women

  • Eating disorders

  • Intercultural friendships

  • How girls interpret the Web

  • Safe environments for female survivors of childhood sexual abuse

  • The health of caregivers

  • "Clowning" to help seriously ill children

  • Breast Cancer

  • The addictive power of advertising

  • Autoethnographic study of self, body and media

  • embracing change

  • legal rights of birthmothers

  • women's health

  • teaching critical literacy skills in classroom environments