Bread Line

FTLComm - Tisdale - March 23, 2001
At the end of my working days I like to get away from my screens for a while and just after 4:00 in the afternoon I get around, pick up the mail, catch a picture or two and often drop into Zoerb's bakery to grab a "Beesting". But most often by that time of the day not only are there no BeeStings but there is often little else. It will be obvious to you that this writer doesn't understand the bakery business.

Zoerb's bakery is closed each Sunday and Monday but its nine person crew are on hand late Monday night as they start the weekly cycle of baking. Working through the night and finishing up their work between seven and eight they are ready to load up the truck and the store to sell the night's production. By 9:30 (when these pictures were taken, Thursday morning) only a few workers are left in the building and for the rest of the day it is a one person show as the bread and pasteries are dispensed.

When I usually get to the bakery in the late afternoon these display cupboards are almost always empty, and I always thought they just didn't have much to sell. But as you can see from the picture below at 9:30 already the business has been brisk and I clearly am in the minority as the rest of Tisdale knows when to go and picture up their bread and pasteries. However, Thursday morning, no BeeStings and I had to settle for a "Rum Ball" with a cherry.

Zoerb's Rumb Balls are huge and nibbling away on mine I still had about half wrapped up in my pocket when I got home. But like the BeeSting the Rum Balls have the same effect. During and after consumption there will be a smile on your face.