So how was your breakfast this morning?
FTLComm - Tisdale - Thursday, February 12, 2009

I am an absolute fanatic about breakfast. To me, no other meal is as important or as fundamental to the way I feel physically, emotionally and perhaps most important of all, socially. I love my breakfast. So twice a week I go out for breakfast. Today being Thursday, I go to the Great Wall restaurant for breakfast and each and every Thursday morning it arrives on my table looking like this one I had this morning. Then on Sunday morning my wife and I go to Gus' Greek Ribs for breakfast which is normally a full house every Sunday morning because like my wife and I it is a great place to start a Sunday.

So, why am I telling you about this? Well like most people I have been lead to believe that the kind of breakfast like the one you see on this page is not particularily good for you. I have been a bit skeptical about this concept because my personal diabetic experience is that this kind of breakfast hits the spot but does not send my blood sugar through the danger zone.

It was not that long ago that experts were telling us that eggs were bad for us and elevated cholesterol levels. There is no doubt that the fried potato and bacon might do that if you were to make them something you had meal after meal but it seems that twice a week works out just fine. Eggs on the other hand were suppose to be killers and a person was restricted to eating a couple a week. Now we discover that a thorough study by the University of Surrey in England has found that a couple eggs a day is just perfect for lowering cholesterol levels.

Wow! What a relief. The main issue I have to contend with is not the eggs but the fat content in the breakfast and as it turns out this component of the meal is not particularly harmful in these quantities and in both the Great Wall and Gus' Greek Ribs the breakfast plate after you have eaten is not a slipper mess of grease as both restaurants take great care to produce healthy as well as tasty meals.

In case you are wondering about the price of going out and enjoying a great breakfast with super service and outstanding company, the Great Wall is open for breakfast Tuesday to Friday and with coffee and tax my breakfast costs $7.50. The breakfast at Gus' is available only on Sunday and not until 10:00 but includes coffee is $6.95 plus tax. In both cases the service is absolutely outstanding.

Timothy W. Shire

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