Ensign Recipe Centre

January 21, 2004
by: Cassandra Shire
Winnipeg: Nutrition, good taste and speed of preparation are the hallmarks of a meal for young people on the go. Here is a combination meal that will take just minutes to create and will make you smile.
Beef Stew Supreme
January 27, 2001
A beef stew with a cap
Cinnimon Bun circle
December 15, 2003
How to take a simple bun recipe and turn it into a cinnimon bun to have fun with.
Two hour buns
December 15, 2003
The basic bun recipe
January 10, 2004
There is still a place for home made bread in any kitchen with an oven. The use of bread making machines produces stuff like bread but real home made bread is special. This is the basic six loave recipe.
Quick-Mixing Pizza Dough
January 10, 2004
Pizza is a basic bread and this simple but reliable recipe will make your dough that will provide a perfect base for whatever toppings suit your taste.
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Produced by CondeNet, this rather prodigious collection of culinary delights contains an archive of over 16,000 recipes. The database may be searched through the use of keywords, or through a number of more elaborate specifications, such as looking for recipes that are kid-friendly, low-fat, or meatless. Visitors can create their own customized online recipe box, view a list of the most popular recipes (as noted by visitors to the site), and look through a list of the newest recipes added to the site. Some of the more compelling new additions include recipes for banana gratins, almond spice cookies, apricot chutney, brandied baked pears, and broccoli and parsnip soup. Perhaps one of the most helpful parts of the site is a collection of technique videos provided for the novice cook. Here visitors can view demonstration videos of such important culinary skills as how to poach eggs properly, how to baste a turkey, and how to boil a lobster. Overall, this site is a good resource for both experienced and beginning cooks looking for both new and traditional recipes. (synopsis by KMG of the "Scout report")