Saskatoons - a good year
FTLComm - Weekes - Wednesday, August 6, 2008

This afternoon it was time for berry picking. Driving out to the Lindenback farm North East of Weekes where Pauline Lindenback, acting as a guide took us to a set of saskatoon bushes right along a roadside.

The countryside is lush with vegistation as we had to drive through waist high grass down a little rural lane, stopping to get a shot of a group of sandhill cranes who were strolling down the roadway.

Pauline says that this is one of the best crops of saskatoons in some years. Though some have already


begun to dry up the trees were loaded with the berries and in just a short time we had all the fruit we wanted to process at one time.

We scooped up dishes of them for dessert tonight for supper and they were absolutely fabulous.

As a prairie person some years ago we well remember, while living in the Yukon, having saskatoon pies made up by fellow Saskatchewa person Shiela Franks of Watson Lake. Shiela's relatives had sent a container of berries up to the Yukon, for all of us, it was a special treat from home.

Judy. Shire

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