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This is how Tisdale’s Tim Hortons and Sobeys Liquor store appeared at 2:30, June 26. 2017

Provincial Good Sam rally in Nipawin
Thursday, June 29, 2017
by: Timothy W. Shire
The Good Sams is an international group of RV owners who like to get together and in many cases go on adventures in caravans. There are chapters of Good Sam clubs through Saskatchewan, but twice each year they like to come together in two big rally’s. The first of these is the annual rally and is moved from place to place one year to the next. Last June it was in Outlook, this year Nipawin and next June it will be down in Shaunavon. With additional adventures and projects the clubs get together each fall at Watrous regional park to wind up the season.

The Good Sams people are a very jovial and good natured group that other than being RV people, they come from all walks of life and backgrounds. A significant number of the membership are snowbirds so they continue to share each other’s company during the winter months.
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We arrived at the rally a day ahead of the rest of the clubs because our chapter was in charge of decoration which entailed getting the Nipawin arena organised into a convention venue.

Things got underway with a ceremony on Wednesday June 7 with a parade of the chapters involved, which included a fair representation from both Alberta and Manitoba. There were welcoming speeches from the community of Nipawin and the leaders of the provincial organisation.

On Thursday I went on a tour of the Nipawin hydro damn and discovered that on that day the three turbines there and those at the Campbell and Gardner damns we’re meeting 60% of the electrical needs of the province.
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Though there were games, tournaments and activities, the main event was the exchange of thoughts between members who over the years, become close friends. On the right is such an exchange between Ernie Wicks and Gary Grisdale. The visiting and informal get togethers, far outweigh the official organised activities.

However, the highlights of the Nipawin experience both involved food. Being Nipawin there was a fish fry Friday night. It was simply outstanding, a fabulous meal with an opportunity to savour second helpings of the incredible white fish. Then on Saturday night the banquet was melt in you mouth chicken breasts and with that a stylist savoury meal. Yes!
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