Houseboat ride for superannuated teachers
Nipawin - Thursday, June 27, 2013
by:Darlene McCullough

Tisdale Chapter of Superannuated Teachers of Saskatchewan decided to end their year with a ride on the Aurora Houseboats of Tobin Lake. 

On Monday, June 17, they headed for Nipawin. After enjoying a delicious meal at the
Evergreen Centre, where they were joined by Provincial Liaison Kate McCorriston, they were off to the Nipawin Regional Park. 

Thanks to the newly constructed road in the park, they quickly arrived at the launch site of the houseboats. 

There are three houseboats now and they were assigned to the largest one which included a hot tub!  

Following the cast off, the captain guided the boat upriver where they passed under the old steel bridge and could see the power plant for the Codette dam. A very quick turn and they headed down river towards the new highway bridge. The river was high and the current was strong so it wasn't long before they docked and disembarked. 

There were many comments about how quiet the engine was on the new houseboat, how gentle the houseboat was, and how the slight motion of the boat was so relaxing. With everyone in a good mood, they enjoyed the return drive to Tisdale ending their year on a high note. 
The next gathering of the group will be on Tuesday, September 3 when they will gather at the 
Riverside Golf Course for the annual To Hell with the Bell meeting which gets next year off to a great start.