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Back row - Franklin Marsh, Lois Marsh, Darlene McCullough, Denise Lalonde, Judy Shire, Bev Scott, Bob Donnan,
Timothy Shire. Seated on the bench - Gordon Abrahamson, Doreen Bush, Lillian Abrahamson, Suzanne Thesen.
Kneeling - Ken Thurston, seated in front, Kate McCorriston and Maureen Donald 

Tisdale STS outing to Creekside Orchard in Melfort
Tuesday, September 23, 2014
by Darlene McCullough
On September 16, Tisdale Chapter of Superannuated Teachers of Saskatchewan enjoyed the afternoon at Creekside Orchard in Melfort. The orchard is owned and operated by Mel Annand and Imogene Schic who grow rhubarb, tart cherries, black currants, apples and raspberries. There are opportunities for U-PIC throughout the summer and fall.

President of the Tisdale Chapter, Maureen Donald, welcomed everyone there and reminded them of the October 20 Pizza Party with the Provincial President, Doug Haroldson of Maple Creek. Provincial Executive Liaison, Kate McCorriston, informed the members of the topics under discussion by the provincial executive.

Our cook and hostess in the Creekside Cafe then served a delicious home cooked lunch of potato corn chowder soup and roasted chicken on fresh-baked bread sandwiches. She cut the desserts into small sections so we could have a choice of two of sour cherry pie, chokecherry pie, apple-toffee cake, cherry loaf, and rhubarb crisp. These were all made from produce from their orchard and we declared them all very tasty.

After lunch Imogene shared information regarding the assortment of products made from the orchard plants as well as some of the ups and downs of starting an orchard and the things that they had learned and experienced. This was followed by a tour of the orchard where we could see the plants and she could do some on-the-spot explanations. We had the opportunity to pick a shiny bright Red Mike apple and enjoy eating it as we walked along. It was a sunny, warm day so it made for a perfect afternoon.  

After gathering for a group photo we made our way back to Tisdale.

If there are any groups who are looking for a great place for a lunch meeting we highly recommend a visit to Creekside Orchard.  Thank you to our president, Maureen Donald, for arranging this outing for our members.
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