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Hawaiian slide show
March 21, 2015
by: Darlene McCullough
Maui 2012

My sister and I spent three weeks in Hawaii in the late fall of 2012. The pictures in this presentation were taken at that time and this is a sample of 88 images from our time there.

The Hawaiian chain of tropical islands is in the Pacific Ocean and consists of the four main islands of Kauai, Oahu, Maui and Hawaii (the big island) created by erupting volcanoes. We spent all of our time on Maui.

The Hawaiian language has thirteen letters where no two consonants can come together and must have a vowel between each consonant. This makes for long words and melodious speech. The letter "W" when it occurs in the middle of a word is pronounced as a "V".

We rented a condo in Kihei, known as the sunshine area, on the west side of the island so we saw many glorious sunsets. We rented a car so we travelled to many parts of the island. We visited Lahaina, an old whaling town, Kanapali and Kapalua , the area of many golf courses, Haleakala, the inactive volcano, the Road to Hana, where we stopped at the Botanical Garden and saw many waterfalls as we travelled the twisting road along the coast. We went to Kula, the upcountry farming area. The speed limits on the winding scenic highways and roads are usually 35 mph or lower so there was time to look around and enjoy the scenery.

Dedicating huge amounts of land to raising cattle is just not practical so meat production is mostly pork and chicken to augment the diet of seafood. One of the surprising things about the food stores is that "Spam" is enormously popular. We saw a whole aisle of spam, spam and more spam in many different flavours. We celebrated the American Thanksgiving with a meal of turkey spam. We had to try it!

We went on a three-hour whale watching trip. The Humpback whales come south from Alaska to birth and raise their young in the warmer waters away from the killer Orca whales that prey on humpback calves. However, spending time in the warm waters is hard on the adult humpbacks as they have little food so they have to return to the northern Pacific waters as soon as the calves are able to cope on their own.

Another highlight was an evening concert by Hawaiians playing what is called slack key guitars. This form of music was introduced by Mexican cowboys who came to the Big Island to work and their style pf playing was picked up by the Hawaiians who learned how to loosen the strings to get this different sound. They blend this in with the traditional ukulele.

Souvenir stores "Hilo Hatties" and "ABC Stores" carry huge amounts of produce so there is no need to pack a lot of clothes, shampoos, lotions, etc as these can purchased when you need them. Don't forget to leave room for the macadamia nuts!