Birch Hill

FTLComm - Birch Hills - February 12, 2001

Many times we have featured pictures from atop this hill just East of the community of Birch Hills which can be seen in the picture above on the horizon.

In a flat land this rise in terrain is welcomed and offers some perspective to the countryside. The bright February sun will soon be replaced by a bright March sun and these fields will lose their white mantle.

North of Birch Hills just beyond the Muskoday, toward Prince Albert the plume from Weyerhaeuser's Prince Albert pulp mill that was visible from the Birch Hill becomes much clearer as the hot water vapour rises upward and encounters a strong westerly flow of air aloft and then trails off to the East as a cloud of steam, smoke and pulp odour.

Coming back from Prince Albert there was still enough light to catch this image to the North East and below the view of the next hill, Weldon Hill a few miles to the East.

There is an odd thing about this stretch of road, even though there is a tower on the Weldon hill cellular connections are poor in this area.