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FTLComm - Rosthern - Wednesday, August 2, 2006

Last week in the Greenwater Report Gerald Crawford told us about the excellent play "Dry Street" being presented at the the Rosthern Station Arts Centre. His account of the show seemed like it was not something to miss and we packed up the camping gear and headed for Rosthern. But before we got away we went to the Web and checked out the Valley Regional Park web site, not only is it a great web site but the price for camping was listed at $9.00 so it sounded like a good deal to us and we were on our way. (*oh oh - see below)

We checked in at the Station


Arts Centre first and no tickets were available Thursday night or Friday night but we were in the front row for Saturday night's show.

You can see from these images that the Valley Regional Park is a true gem and we checked out the camp sites and discovered two surprises. One the tenting camp sites were less than desireable and the second surprise was the price wasn't $9.00 but the actual price was $22.00. (*oh oh see below) We took


an electrical site and as you can it was a huge and really lovely campsite about 100 yards from the shower and washroom facility.

By-the-way we pointed out the discrepency between the listed price on the web site and the price they were charging and you will notice the prices have been updated. It is unfortunate that they chose to be dishonest but it was the only negative thing I have to say about a great place to spend a few days.

Essentially the park is a great golf course with a campground and as you can


many families make this their summer home with elaborate camp sites, the one above even has some corn growing in their flower patch.

The playground is just a great place with some outstanding creative things for people of all ages. I went up the stairs to the one ride and took the eighteen pictures that form the QuickTime VR you see below which gives a whole view of the place. (If it does not appear you must download the most recent version of QuickTime into your computer)


The QuickTime VR above allows you to look around, use your mouse to move about the scene and you can also zoom in and out to pick off the details.

Click on the image on the right to see the video clip of the cable ride.

We spent Thursday to Sunday at the Park and the play was a dandy but not the highlight of the trip. The highlight was the adventure of visiting Carlton Historical Provincial Park on Friday.

The golf course is really impressive and here are a few shots that hint at the beauty of this great course with its fountains
and lush fairways. There is also a really great driving range and other sports facilities like a ball diamond, volleyball court and minature golf. A very family oriented park and absolutely immaculate in the way it is maintained. What a pity that honesty was not included.
* oh oh!
My sincerest applogies to the folks at Rosthern's Valley Regional Park, it seems in doing our research for selecting camp sites we were guilty of not reading the information carefully enough. Would you believe Saskatchewan has two "Valley Regional Parks" surprise surpirse it does and we looked on the Regional Park's association site and spotted that $9.00 camping fee but that is for a different park. So sorry for getting that one wrong.


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