You know, I think its summer
FTLComm - Tisdale - Thursday, June 28, 2007

Though the temperature was just in the high teens early today, when you stepped into the sun you knew this was the real thing, yes, this is summer.

Schools are closing for the summer, today was TMSS's graduation day, around town there are people getting their recreational vehicles and campers ready to roll and its time to get that last grass cut before we and many others charge off in all directions.

For a Thursday there was more traffic in Tisdale than I have seen in ages and you can always tell when there is that anticipation of things to come, a cheerful desire to "get going."

We Canadians may like to boost about our winters and love to taunt one another with the phrase "cold enough for yuh?" but we also cherish summer. After all, some years a Saskatchewan summer can be just a few short weeks long so we all know and can sense when its time to make the best of it and today it was time.

I drove out near the ENSASK plant to get an unobscured shot of this morning's gentle good weather cumulus clouds and then went a little further north to see the fields all looking outstanding. Oh there are still a lot of wet spots and some water laying but the wheat and barley crops are a rich dark healthy green and the Canola all looks like it is about to burst into bloom in just a few more warm days.

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Timothy W. Shire

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