Out to Longs today, noticed the price of fuel. Regular no lead: $.49 [$.50
cheaper than last spring]. Diesel, $1.69 [$.20 cheaper than spring].

At Longs we bought the cat a scratch board. Going through the checkout line
a green substance leaked from the box. After seeing them haul a guy off a
plane here at SJC, quarantine the plane & passengers for 3 hours while the
guys in Moon Suits hosed down the suspect with Lord knows what kind of bug
spray - only to find the passenger who said "That guy put a foreign
substance in the planes ventilation system!!!", and it turned out he didn't
realize it was confetti [you spell it] that fell out of his birthday card
- I wisely kept my mouth SHUT!

Meanwhile back in the parking garage in the recycling bin right by the
elevator - my hand to God - was a tight roll ten inches in diameter of
architect drawings labeled "City Of San Francisco International Airport
Expansion". Oh joy. [If we had room I'd uh took em!]