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Carrot River - Sunday, December 8, 2002 - by: Kevin McIntyre




It wasn't that long ago Allan Rock decided to award a contract for the anti-Anthrax drug Cipro to a manufacturer without tender, and in violation of the patent holder. The contract was around double the going rate. The Ministers explanation was that the holder of the patent wasn't a large enough company to fulfill the contract. It turned out that not only was the patent holder not consulted *in the least* about this contract, but they were fully capable of filling an order that large. In a complex deal that had the untendered drugs turned over to the patent holder for destruction and then the patent holder filling the contract - the tax payer got severely shafted.




It is noteworthy to remember the company awarded the contract (and paid with tax payers money) is not only located in Allan Rock's riding - but Allan Rock is former legal counsel for that very same company!




You can not tell me someone didn't get paid under the table.




Now in the headlines we have a gun registration program that was budgeted at two million dollars, has now cost the tax payer one BILLION dollars, and in today's paper they want another $71.9 million to fund the program through April of next year.



over run is

Good Lord, is our health care system in such good shape we can throw good money after bad? Is our educational system the best in the world? Is our transportation system the envy of the G8 community? However a I saw on the National Tuesday a Liberal backbencher stood up and said those who question this are not in favour of safe streets in Canada.



who's to

Criminals will not register guns, only honest people will. Then the government will outlaw them and confiscate them. History has proven this over and over, but I digress. After blowing a billion dollars on a program of questionable worth, we ask who set this whole mess up in the first place?




Allan Rock - the same man who wants to replace Jean Chretein as our fearless leader.




Kevin McIntyre

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