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Carrot River - Thursday, February 13, 2003- by: Kevin McIntyre

I know what you're all thinking "
I wish I had beautiful hair like he has".

My reply could be one of two: be careful what you wish for, or, you've had better luck with hair dressers than I have.

Three and a half years ago my hair was almost to my collar. I asked a hair dresser what style I should go with. After all, it was long enough to work with. When she got done describing what she had in mind I was somewhat taken aback. A Mullet?

Did I wake up in a trailer park in Kentucky? I don't think so! Given for a number of years now I've gone in and asked for one cut and come out with something completely different - or gone back to the same person and said
"take 6 weeks growth off this", and come out with something completely different - I threw up my hands and said "Screw It. It's time to go for a pony tail."

For the most part I haven't regretted my decision. Yes the upside is women come up and run their fingers though my hair proclaiming how they wished theirs was this beautiful. Down side is most are mid 70's and beyond!

Periodic maintenance is required. Split ends trim every six months. More time combing it out in the morning. Then there is the joys of windy days, and the comb out afterwards. That wouldn't be so bad except my hair has a strong wave to it. Brushes can be classified as a torture device I tell you.


Then there are my front axles. If I don't pop the front wheels off every month to clean them the built up of hair constricts the rotation so bad they simply lock up. Today was that day. The last couple days rolling resistance was getting stronger but gradual build ups aren't easily noticed. Last night, it stopped.

This morning we pulled the wheels off and saw the problem. The hair (and tinsel off the Christmas tree) was wound in so tight that the outer case of one bearing was pushed out of place. We unwound the hair, placed the side of the bearing back in place and put everything back together. With the chair rolling as it should now I need to order a replacement set of bearings.

The price of beauty...






Kevin McIntyre

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