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Melfort - Friday, March 31, 2003 - by: Kevin McIntyre
  As some may know earlier this week we were in Tisdale: land of broken sidewalks and people who can't parallel park. Today, Melforts turn. The mall directory listed businesses that went out of business two years ago - then we went downtown to shop. Parallel parking again. I love parking that way, so much so I refuse to do so but there was a spot directly in front of the store we wanted so on goes my light, hit reverse and begin the adventure. Now that last time I did this was June '01 at the townhouse and I had to park on the wrong side of the street to get the lift out. So here I am - in traffic.
  I start backing in, look out the side mirror and see Granny nosing her Mopar "Into MY spot!!!". Hey, I'm doing it the prescribed way just as they 'learned me' in drivers training. We're both equal distance in and stop. Look granny, I'm doing it the right way, I'm in front of the store I want, I'm bigger than you and I ain't movin'.
  After a bit, she relented. Who says Might Isn't Right?
  I nailed it first time. Full right on the wheel until Sandras door reaches their bumper, full left on the wheel - put it in park. RR tire is 2" from the curb, treads on the front tire kiss the curb. Exactly equal distance from the car in front and behind. Perfect text book.
  Then I sat and watched. 70% of cars went into spots nose first. Of those who used the correct approach they were to close to the parked car, hit the curb while still angling in and did the back and forth back and forth routine several times.
  Frankly, I was astonished.




Kevin McIntyre



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