The "American way" of handling prisoners of war, Guantanamo, Cuba, Canadian Deputy Prime Minister John Manley,
complains of Geneva Convention violations. (base image Ananova/AP)


Who runs Iraq?

FTLComm - Carrot River - Thursday, May 13, 2004
First, you can not tell me and have me believe that any commander would send his troops into a hot war zone without a working knowledge of the Geneva Convention. Not that Private Billy would be expected to be in control of prisoners of war, but in the chance that an enlisted soldier be taken hostage, they should know what the rules say of what treatment is permitted and what is not. For troops to say they didn't know what the Convention says is either a lie, or the result of totally inept leadership from their commanding officer
What we have seen on the news of late is a disgrace. To humiliate a P.O.W. on the basis of their faith is a bold face disgrace. Yesterday we heard of an American civilian worker taken hostage in Iraq and executed. That too is very bad. Reading into the story, he was held by Iraqi police then released before he was kidnapped by hostile forces and beheaded.
Who runs Iraq? It isn't the Iraqi's! That country is run under the full authority of U.S. forces. Further, this man was visited no less than three times in custody by members of the FBI. They knew he was there and they conducted their own investigations as to his activities in Iraq. So what then, the Iraqi police said "oops," and waved bye bye as he walked down the street to catch the bus on the corner? No. He was released to be kidnapped and ultimately executed by those seeking retribution for treatment of their brethren by U.S. forces.
He was one man set up to be sacrificed as appeasement. Don't believe me? Its been over a year since the U.S. Army , Marines and United Nations have had full reign of Iraq. How many WMD's (weapons of mass destruction) have been found to date?

Kevin McIntyre

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