SaskTel and the overseas dialer

FTLComm - Carrot River - Tuesday, May 25, 2004
Apparently a lot of people are stupid enough to open every attachment they get, then go begging to Sasktel to have calls to Cameroon removed from their bill after one of those handy dialers are installed on their machine. Sasktel along with every other Telco (telephone company) in the world are eating big loses because of this.
Solution? Besides DON'T OPEN ATTACHMENTS - call block the whole damn country.
Put a Call Block to Cameroon on every Telco in North America. For Sasktel - big whoop, it isn't as if there is a huge demographic immigrated here from there and for those effected they can simply call the operator to place the call at no cost to the customer. In the long run it'll save Sasktel money.
Plus, when the authorities in charge in Cameroon suddenly find themselves on a global black list they'll get themselves in gear and track down the criminals and put an end to it.
At the very least call your Telco and put a call block on overseas calls.

Kevin McIntyre

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