This is embarrassing

Carrot River - Wednesday, February 17, 2010 by: Kevin McIntyre

Bad enough when they had the Olympics in Calgary and everyone said "Calgary? A big Chinook will blow in over the mountains and you'll wake up and the snow will be gone!". And it pretty much happened.

Then they announced "VANCOUVER!". Oh come on, Canada's Mediterranean? I've gotten on the plane in January with it -30ºC in Saskatoon, hit Vancouver in the afternoon at 50 above Fahrenheit in pouring rain then hit Honolulu at 11:00 PM and 74 º and Trade Winds.

Then they expect to ski in February? Sure, Whistler is a famous resort but February? Not only that but newspaper reports say the organization is uh, a bit lacking.

Events rescheduled due to slush on the hills, Luge tracks the competitors were afraid of then after a participant was killed in practice they were on the verge of open revolt.

I've never seen so many skaters fall - Ooops, the Zamboni's are "belching fluid on the ice and we think we found replacements in Calgary...".

Today in the Seattle Times, the buses are breaking down and going to the wrong events.

On TV, the Olympic flame is a great backdrop for the talking heads and the CG shot, but visitors can't get a decent photograph of it for the chain link fence [buy the official photograph!]

Then watching Cross Country Skiing - she comes down the hill, around the curve and AHHH! Off the course and disappears into a huge ditch. NO FENCE!!!

Spectator viewing? Bring in hay bales, cover them with snow to stand on - oh crap, rained again [in Vancouver? NO!] and VANOC cancels your ticket. Yup. Fly to B.C, get an overpriced hotel room, score tickets and - here's a refund.

Go buy a Tim Hortons coffee and get some BC BUD. At least the city of Vancouver told the hookers in outlying cities to come on in, we have STD screening and ready clients awaiting you.

Who is running this Gong Show? it's a total embarrassment. Worst yet, we have to watch it on NBC because CTV is running the "real Olympics". Curling and Hockey - farmer Day Care.

Kevin Mcintyre


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