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Carrot River - Friday, February 28, 2002 - by: Kevin McIntyre

Navy &

I'm a huge fan of Tom Clancy. For those who don't know, he is an author whose serialized books focus around a core group of people at the CIA and world politics. Themes of his books are sometimes closely intertwined with news events - he is a retired Navy man and sometimes consultant to the Joint Chiefs.


How closely connected is he? Well, "The Hunt For Red October" has a story line that may be the actual untold story - elements in it are based on reported events. He was summoned before the Joint Chiefs to explain the scene in one book on how an action in Northern Libya was monitored live on infrared satellite in the Pentagon and - he was the first expert interviewed on CNN the day of 9/11.


His books are detailed. Sometimes tediously so. His last book "The Bear and The Dragon" only ran 1100 some pages. He has written a full book out of sequence (and stepping back 25-years) for the sole purpose of developing a background on one character.


Well he has done it again. Perhaps it is because Bear / Dragon has gone as far as he can currently go. Perhaps, he had to sit on this thread of world events 20 years as a cooling off period. However, only 150 pages into a 600 page book, "Red Rabbit" back stepped 20 years. One character, who becomes a senior analyst at Foggy Bottom (figure that one out yourself...) is the grand daughter of a Colonel in the Imperial White Horsemen and one of his duties was to be in charge of a one Alexsy Romanov. However......this book details how the attempted assassination of Pope John Paul was an action of the KGB. (We are aware of the fact that for not of the actions of Pope John Paul the Soviet Union would not have fallen, right?)




Kevin McIntyre



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