The Drudge Report
March 20, 2005
President Bush's inner circle has become preoccupied with <http://abcnews.go.com/Business/wireStory?id=598961>(pdf) soaring gas prices and its toll on the economy, a well-placed White House source said over the weekend.

Bush has quietly asked for a review of any and all economic fallout on the nation if gas prices continuing racing up and over the psychological line of $3 a gallon, as they have in recent weeks in some locations, the source explains.

Bush's top economic advisers have conveyed to the president that a "nightmare" scenario of $4 a gallon is extremely unlikely in the short term.

"The seasonal run-up of gas prices has been tough this year, but like every year in the past two decades, we expect we will will see some easing," the source claims from Washington.