Jean Chretien and Paul Martin


PM vs PM

San Jose, California - Thursday, June 6, 2002 - by: Kevin McIntyre




On Sunday I caught a hint online that Prime Minister(PM) Chretein had fired Finance Minister Paul Martin (PM). Given the developing story of open revolt among the ranks of the Liberal party and the fact that the national media would even dare to cover it, there had to be something to it.




We didn't watch the news Sunday night, Monday in the Star Phoenix I read the press release where Paul Martin had decided to step down, however the document wasn't signed by him. Monday night on the National all the bloodletting was there for all to see. As the story unfolded on the television I gave Sandra the back story. We'd already discussed the differences in how Canadians and Americans select the party leaders - ever system has its quirks.




The Liberal Party has an unwritten rule where they rotate English and French leaders. After the reign of Pierre Trudeau from 1968 to 1982 [ish] the favored replacement was "da little guy from Shawinigan", however two back to back Francaphones wasn't in the game plan and John Turner ascended to the throne.




As the selected yet unelected Prime Minister he proved as effective as his monetary policies of the early 70's. Jean Chretein took himself off the map and quit politics altogether. As a private citizen he had full rights to freedom of speech and the ability to manoeuvre behind the scenes to his hearts content. As all this was going on Turner went down to a massive defeat to Brian Mulroney and the long knives were being sharpened in anticipation for his beheading.




Not only did Chretein not have his name associated in any way shape or form to the Turner administration, he had the opportunity to get his campaign in place and more importantly, the populace longed for the return of the veteran politician. Da little guy returned, he had to fight his way in against some guy named Paul Martin, an Anglaphone, and took the country by storm. Being shrewd, he kept his friends close and his enemies closer: he made Paul Martin Finance Minister where he was high profile and first to be blamed for matters of the wallet.




After nine years of being chauffeured around in da Chevrolet [and misplacing the Red Book], the people grew weary as he grew complacent. Dissensions was dealt with by firings: John Nunziata became persona non gratta and Brian Tobin returned to Newfoundland to rule there.




Shiela kept buying red lipstick and running her mouth. (Sheila Copps)




The natives are restless. Grumblings were being heard, the media even reported it - which is very telling in itself. Even though Paul Martin may not have publicly said "Look out Johnny, I'm coming for you" everyone knew it and the cease and desist order come down from the top. On Sunday Jean Chretein put an end to it all and fired him. He removed the thorn from his paw, and forced Paul Martin into the exact same position that he himself voluntarily had taken twenty years prior: he took him out of the spotlight and put him on the back benches where he now has free time to plan, organize and prepare his campaign. This of course will infuriate Chretein even more and he will "disfellowship" PM as he did with Nunziata. He will throw him out of caucus altogether - and turn him into a martyr.




Jean Chretein has sealed his own fate. He can now only fly off into the sunset in the fifty year old SeaKings he provides to the twenty year old Canadian Servicemen.



love me

Suppose John Crosby is kicked back singing "Pour me another Tequila Shiela - and lay down and love me again....."?


Kevin McIntyre