The Ten Year Shooting Cycle

San Jose, California - Wednesday, January 9, 2002 - by: Kevin McIntyre

use them
loss them

It is my belief that every ten years, America has to get involved in a shooting match of one sort or other. The 20th century holds true to that to a degree. Not to spread cheer and democracy around the globe, that model has a zero track rating, but to renew bomb stocks. Cruise Missiles, not unlike Twinkies, must have a shelf life. One sees the Best Before Date coming up on cluster bomb stocks, can't just toss them out! Use them or lose them: again like government budgets, if you have an efficient manager who manages to only spend 80% of his budget his reward is having his budget cut 20%.




If you don't use those bomb stocks you don't get new ones.




From Election Day to September 10, Bush was increasingly seen as a moron. He could stand on a podium and give a blustering speech that would cause Bubba to throw his Stetson in the air and yell "Yee Haw", but he was never portrayed as a deep thinker. As of September 11 he has become [in the media] a Great Leader. Right?! Where is Dick Cheney?



who cares!"

Election Day '00 California went solidly Democrat. Boy George said "well who needs them anyway?" When utility rates went through the roof and the state economy went in the tank Geordie wasn't the least concerned and said the PG&E checks were still getting deposited in Texas banks, the down turn was contained to the Left Coast and all was well. [Texas concerns own several generating plants in Southern California that are not in use. They said last winter they would bring them online if state pollution laws were waved. They weren't] after all, at the May stockholders meeting the CEO of Enron said they had a very good year, "thanks to our friends in California (chuckle chuckle)". Their stock price went from $90 a share to under a dollar before they filed the largest Chapter 11 in American history. George's kick back checks from Enron started to bounce. September 11 happened, "President" Cheney whispered in Boy Georges ear that the defence contractors who make the things that go BOOM are located in California along with those long haired freaky nerds who design them and write the code that makes them work.




Suddenly Air Force One has California programmed back in its' GPS system.




Television viewers sit back and watch the great victories made against the Taliban, then are in total shock when the first American combat casualty occurred this past weekend. To say America has a proud victory, makes as much sense as saying a half dozen Steroid Testers from the WWF had a great victory in whipping the butts of a Jr, High wrestling team. Yes, they’re bringing down a bad regime, but the Mullahs who were in charge of the country when the Taliban came to power, are BACK in power. The real victory will be the true freedom of Afghanistan, only they don't have a history of peace and freedom, and America doesn't have a history hanging around and sweating the details.