Tobin Lake Fire

FTLComm - Tobin Lake - Tuesday, June 4, 2002 Pictures by Archie and Karen

Kevin McIntyre's friends Reverend Karen Mitchel and her husband Archie sent him these pictures and we are sharing them with you.

In most cases you never get to see a forest fire other than the smoke. In this case with the view across the water you get to see the incredible magnitude of what essentially is a fire storm.

The heat generated by the fire vapourises the material in the forest as it as a gas expands upward the air literally is on fire.

The desperate winds and lack of rain for more than two years has produced a fire situation in Saskatchewan forests that make the condition extremely volatile and a fire of this size is not something fire fighters can attack but only the weather alone can slow or alter what such a conflagration does.

The Mitchells are from Carrot River and their land is about a mile away from the Tobin Lake resort.