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Throughout its seven year history political stories have been an important part of this web site. though we have strayed at times from some of the basic rules, those violations have always been a concern and we have made an effort to keep the level of comment and discussion focused on the principles involved. The primary excuse for these transcression has almost always been frustration.




Politics and the whole realm of governance can become intensely personal and when you as a writer, discover a point that needs to be explained, it is tough to discover that you are often quite alone in your perspective.  
  After abstaining from political discussion for some time it seems that now is the right time to go back to the basic concepts of what we are trying to achieve and start giving voice to political discussion that need to take place.  
  1. Stick to the concepts and issues involved. Just writing clever poison pen letters is futile.
  2. Your opinion is interesting but to make it count back it up with references, preferably online ones that will support the argument. (format for a citation is: author, title, date, source
  3. )Even the viles politican or world leader is a human being and personal attacks are just plain inappropriate.
  4. Though we can withhold the name of a contributor for some special reasons it is preferable not to do so but to include the writers e-mail as well.
  One of the most important elements in political stories posted on this site in the past have been the graphics, the images and illustrations that attempt to depict the essences of that story in some visual manner. This new undertaking would be enhanced by following this practice but the project is now in the evolving state and we will have to see how things develop.  


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