Regina Conservative MP Tom Lukiwski and the development model for IPSCO Place
Fool me once, shame on you . . .
Regina - Wednesday, May 21, 2008 by: Tom Brewer

Here we go again.. We are told one thing and nothing happens! Look at the mileage Harper/Lukiwski and other Harper cronies received when they told us they were going to help re-build-refurbish IPSCO Place (Exhibition Park) in Regina.

You would assume they would have, or should have, learned a lesson, that being to dot the “I”s and cross the “T”s before trumpeting their horns. Heck no… why do that? Here we are in the midst of our construction season and now Harper and his MP’s tell us what the whole schebang has to be approved by Treasury Board!

DUH! if they knew this before, in my opinion they saddled the horse too soon. They try and tell us they now have to have Treasury’s approval given the mess the Liberals left. Excuse me… how long have you been government and how long have you known this? I ask..”why not obtain the approvals first and then trumpet your horns?”

I gather that is too simple but then who said you had to have a brain. It sure seems strange.. The dude who trumpeted the need for Saskatchewan electors to vote Conservative to address the needs of the Equalization issues and nothing has happened tells us now the need for Treasury approval!

This is the same dude who told all of us how if we voted for Harper how.. After the price of gasoline reaches a threshold (which has happened) Harper would remove the GST from the base price. Like DUHHHHH again This has not happened and we electors should be happy Harper reduced the GST from 6 to 5%?

Laughable it is, except it is not funny. Gas companies are making millions, we consumers are left to shell out our hard earned money.

Harper is and has helped big business a lot more than he’s helped you or I. We are just collateral damage in all of this and the collateral… our money, as it flows to our Government. Remember they too are earning millions when the price of gas goes up.

In my opinion Harper has used and is abusing each and every one of us. Don’t ever think he was massaging your shoulder before the last election on the belief he would do better. Simply, he is no better than what we had, however, he can keep a smile on his face as he knifes us in the back, better than the previous government!

Tom Brewer

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