Edmonton Alberta, Wednesday January 31, 2007, by : William Dascavich

I find the currently escalating war of words directed against Iran by the American based news media worrisome. Charges that Iran is meddling in Iraq by providing advanced weaponry and training to insurgents, and that Iran’s uranium enrichment program is aimed at developing nuclear weapons, are reminiscent of the false claims about weapons of mass destruction and links to Al Qaeda made prior to the invasion of Iraq four years ago.

One is led to wonder whether the American administration is conditioning its citizens to accept an expansion of the war in the Middle East to further its designs for securing the world’s oil supplies. The recent announcement by the American President that another aircraft carrier and its supporting ships would be sent to the Persian Gulf is another ominous sign.

All that is lacking now is an “incident” to set off an invasion of Iran. History abounds with such incidents: the faked Polish attack on the German outpost at Gleiwitz that set off World War II; the staged video of Iraqi soldiers fiendishly ripping Kuwaiti babies out of incubators and killing them, used to justify the Gulf war in 1991; the “massacre” that was supposed to have taken place in the Yugoslav village of Racak early in January, 1999, that led to the dismemberment of Yugoslavia by NATO; or 911 that served to provide justification for the invasion of Afghanistan.

Considering that both Russia and China have been carefully nurturing intimate political, economic, diplomatic, cultural, and military ties with Iran, there is a real danger that they will not stand idly by if Iran is invaded. America’s next move may very well set off a world wide conflict with disastrous results for mankind.


William Dascavich

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