The Emperor's New Clothes
now on display on Sussex Drive

Thornhill Ontario , Friday, December 5, 2008, by : Stephen(dot)Leacock
My dear Citizen-Subject of the Canadian Crown,

Before my first death in 1944, the Governor General was a "somebody".

In those days the British North America Act stipulated that every Bill or Parliamentary measure needed Royal Assent to be granted by the Governor General.

If the Prime Minister proposed something, the Governor General did not have to agree with it - the BNA s.12 (compare s.13) states that the Governor General can consult with His/Her Privy Council s.11 and act with and or without their Advice and/or Consent or as an individual.

My good friend Ed.E Trebor assures my (as does this internet super-highway) that the BNA/Constitution 1867 still says exactly the same things - no amendments were made ... just that pesky Order in Council 1940-1121 that merged the Privy Council into the orbit of the Prime Minister (removing those Offices from supervising the Prime Minister and being accountable to the Governor General)... could that one change, that one non-legislated, non-constitutional, non-voted Executive Order have made such a profound difference?

The Governor General has now acted on goofed-up advice, seemingly source from only the prime beneficiary of that advice.

Crazy.. why doesn't She call up the former members of the Privy Council - dig into that Institutional Memory that's also beyond the reach and influence of the party-president-of-the-day's, short-term needs/wants.

If it's possible to have a coalition replace an exhausted and exasperated Stephen Harper in December 08 or January 09, why didn't that option get a full examination in September 08 instead of having a darned-near useless election?

Did Harper bounce that one around Rideau Hall before nudging aside the final concerns or considerations of his own Fixed Election dates Legislation?

Doesn't this lovely, albeit thinly qualified, ex-CBC, ex-Haitian, English-as-a-Second-Language, non-aged, non-man know the breadth and depth of her duties and responsibilities?

The Governor General
is supposed to keep the Prime Minister from getting carried away with his/her (Prime Minister) own importance. The Governor General is supposed to say No or reserve judgement on a mesasure until Vice-Regal is sure that the best interests of Parliament and Canada are served.

Ms Jean decided within two hours of Mr Harper's arrival .... who else did she check with?

Did they discuss an All-the-Talents cabinet? ... the sort of collaboration usually taken up in emergencies, war, crises of confidence? ... I'm sure you get my drift

Is it me, or somebody else that is hopelessly stupid or unfit for their Office? The Emperor's New Clothes.




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