Conservative MP Gerald Keddy presenting prop cheque to contribute to Chester's Church Memorial Park

Ideological inaction

Hamilton, Ontario, Wednesday, October 21st, 2009, by : Shane Mussche

At what point does reason and common sense deflect ideology? There are going to be times when a public option is going to be better than a private option and Stephen Harper cannot and does not want to accept that.

How long will it take before Stephen Harper and the rest of his self serving government do what is right for Canada? Denying the Chalk River reactor the monies it requires is about underfunding and creating the illusion of a problem in the public realm for the sake of destroying or privatization.

There are ample areas where private business can and will always outperform public utilities or institutions. Is that not enough? Must private business own every piece of the pie?

Instead of wasting money on sidewalks and walkways which don't last long anyways, put that money into areas that are long term options that will benefit all Canadians.

It baffles me that a so-called "Conservative" party is currently involved in a process that does nothing but squander public tax dollars on projects that will bear less fruit than fixing things such as the Chalk River reactor.

Is Stephen Harper so afraid of "sustainable" in the public sector that he can't even approach "practical"?

Shane Mussche


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