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Truth or another "fudge it budget"?

Victoria, B.C., Tuesday, December 16, 2008, by : Eugene Parks
Mr. Ignatieff's federal Liberals are demanding a proper accounting of the status our nation's finances. If the nation's financial books are true, we can have confidence in the budget. If the books have been fudged, no confidence.

We know that the federal government initiated new spending of $75 billion on mortgages - but those spend numbers did not show up in Mr. Harper's fiscal update a few weeks ago. We know that the federal government added $10 billion in new debt from April to June this year - and those numbers did not show up on the books. We know that the federal government is promising to sell $10 billion in assets to raise cash for the federal government. We know that before the last election, less than two months ago, Mr. Harper's government went on spending spree that would put a drunk'n sailor to shame.

We also know, the world is in the worse fiscal crises since the Great Depression. We know Canada has been in recession since February, and real projections of unemployment and foreclosures did not show up in Mr. Harper's economic forecast.

Mr. Harper's November fiscal update was loaded with fudge - hence no confidence. The question now is, "What's it going to be: truth or another fudge it budget".

Eugene Parks


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