Ideological fantasy : Canada's auto industry on its own

Victoria, B.C., Thursday, December 18, 2008, by : Eugene Parks
Fair to say, I'm an expert on the automotive industry.

As a child, my family worked at GM. My breakfast and dental work was literally paid for by GM. As a university student I worked for GM.

As an entrepreneur, I created software that is at the heart of GM research. I 've laughed with the Senior VP of GM Engineering about how it?s almost a miracle every time a car rolls off of the assembly line - the engineering and logistics complexities are staggering. As an industrial scientist, I've prepared companies for automotive audits.

As a DirecTV designer GM's senior VP has discussed with me how GM's billion dollar investment in the new High Definition (HDTV) technology was progressing. Today, every time Shaw cable works on my PVR, I smile when they explain the TV programming guide to me. I wrote the design specs for GM/DirecTV's guide over a decade ago. It?s amusing having one of my creations explained)

I've also been in a serious car accident with a GM vehicle. Today, I see siblings, cousins, in-laws, and friends losing their automotive jobs with their pensions at risk.

Knowing how hard it is to build a car I've used every political and professional connection I have to change three things about the automotive industry.

  • One, go green.
  • Two, stop the wild fluctuations of the Canadian dollar.
  • Three, get Mr. Harper's head out of the sand. Get him to help.

Hundreds of thousands of Canadians face economic tragedy. Mr. Harper needs to look for directions from beyond the echo chamber that is the Neo-Con ideology political class. Ideological fantasy is irresponsible leadership. It does not offer a solution.

Ask for input from those of us understanding things industrial. We know what to do.


Eugene Parks


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