Don Hovdebo, only candidate to attend all candidate's forum Thursday night

FTLComm - Tisdale - Friday, June 25, 2004


We had to make the trip from Leader back home so that I could be at the forum last night because I thought, even though it is so late in the election campaign, it is still very important for Tisdale people to get a chance to see and hear the candidates first hand. I was definitely let down when a woman walking ahead of me pointed to the sign on the RECPlex door and told me the event was canceled Democracy can't be canceled and the Chamber of Commerce must accept the shame of this event's failure.

As I stood in the cool sunlight people were arriving for the forum and they were as upset as I.

Don Hovdebo was on hand and said that he had only learned of the cancellation a short while earlier and it was due, according to what he was told, to some candidate being unable to attend.

I had only a few moments to talk with the friendly NDP candidate as he made a solid attempt to make himself available to each of the people who were milling around, but who had been on their way to the canceled forum.

Mr. Hovdebo agreed to do a video standup for me and I set up my equipment and then had the outstanding experience of meeting and talking with Don Hovdebo's father Stan, who holds the distinction of succeeding John Diefenbaker in the Prince Albert Riding. We chatted about the closeness of this competition in this election and that several polls have indicated that it looks like a neck and neck race between his son and the incumbent.

The positive response the NDP is getting across Canada in this election campaign is giving the party and its supporters more hope than they have experienced since 1981 when they were able to elect more than forty members to parliament. The prime minister was urging Ontario NDP supporters to vote for the government or they might contribute to a conservative victory while the conservatives have discovered growing support for the NDP in B.C., Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

Stan Hovdebo said he had just been over to Russell and was pleased to see an old conservative friend, Inky Mark, doing well in his riding. Inky Mark is running as an independent just as four others are doing here in Saskatchewan with three of them looking pretty good now, only a few days from the election. Both he and I agreed that indeed, this was a really interesting election. He said he had just moved back to Saskatchewan after having lived in Kingston and another House of Commons friend, Sheila Copps has had a big effect on Southern Ontario voters as it looks like the Minister of Transport who appeared to have used underhanded means to win the nomination is unlikely to be elected.

Though I was very disappointed at the forum being canceled I went home pleased that I had met both Don Hovdebo and his father. In addition I have the video clip for you so that you can by this medium get to know a little about Don Hovdebo who has a good chance of being your new member of parliament.


Timothy W. Shire


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