Progressive Conservatives call for democratic vote

Ottawa - Thursday, November 6, 2003 - by: John Herron
  Progressive Conservatives from across Canada have joined together to continue the proud, democratic and pan-Canadian legacy of the Progressive Conservative Party. Joe Clark, Flora MacDonald, Brian Peckford, Rick Borotsik, John Herron, Dorothy Dobbie, David Orchard, Joe Hueglin, Sinclair Stevens, Lowell Murray and Canadians from all walks of life and all regions of our country believe that the current process to extinguish the Progressive Conservative Party and be assimilated into another party is not only unethical, and unconstitutional, but fundamentally anti-democratic.




This group of Progressive Conservatives demand,
"the merger question be decided only at a properly constituted National Meeting, where a full and dynamic debate among a diverse group of delegates can occur." 
  Public trust in political institutions must be maintained,
"The Party must adhere to the highest standards of democratic process." 
  They maintain that the decision to hold a virtual-convention denies the very heart of any democratic party: the importance of debate.




They view the proposed process for ratification of the Agreement In Principle arrived at by Party Leaders and their emissaries as a denial of due process. Progressive Conservatives have repeatedly rejected the idea of merger with the Alliance at National General Meetings and in the recent Leadership contest. They insist that the membership be suspended as of October 15th to ensure that,


"those with an unambiguous commitment to the aims and principles of the party"


select delegates to discuss and vote on the motion to dissolve the party.




For further information:


John Herron, MP Fundy-Royal, New Brunswick




Rick Borotsik, MP, Brandon-Souris, Manitoba




Brian Peckford, former Premier  of Newfoundland and Labrador




Dorothy Dobbie, former MP




Joe Hueglin, former M.P.




John Herron
Member of Parliament
Fundy Royal
New Brunswick



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