Prairie Producer Car Shippers Association

Elrose, SK, February 18. A new, prairie-wide, grass roots, farm organization, the Prairie Producer Car Shippers Association, announces that it will hold its founding meeting in Swift Current, Saskatchewan, on March 13, at 1PM.

First conceived over a year ago, a pro tem committee was struck to explore the need for, and the possibilities of, establishing such a group.

After a very successful Producer Car Seminar, held in Regina, last November, a mailout was made to people across the prairies who had loaded Producer Cars. Over 380 producers responded positively to the challenge that, "It is absolutely necessary to bring individual producer car shippers together in a democratic organization." (More replies arrive daily.)

Two producers who helped head up the pro tem committee, James Woodworth of Elrose, and Edwin Wallace at Pennant, said the necessity for such an organization was prompted because the rights and safeguards for Producer Car Shipping are being attacked.

"Producer car shipping is on the increase", said Woodworth, "So much so, that the Western Grain Elevator Association (WGEA), has asked the Canadian Grain Commission (CGC) to license producer car loading sites as primary elevators." He went on to say that other issues, such as rationing of producer cars, the notion of grading at port by WGEA agents rather than impartial CGC personnel, the current Review of Producer Car Loading Facilities as well as other issues, all suggest an urgent need for a strong counter lobby.

Edwin Wallace who is also chairman of the Empress Line shipper's association echoed those concerns. "To counter the well funded lobby of the Western Grain Elevator Association, an organization with many hundreds of grass roots members with one cause; the preservation and protection of our right to load producer cars is necessary."

He added, "It is important to us that policies of government and various agencies be directed to the needs of producer car shippers."

The Swift Current meeting, to be held at Day's Inn on the North Service Road of Number One Highway East will deal with all matters crucial to organization. Fees, regional representation on the Board of Directors and communications for such a wide spread membership will be discussed.

A ten dollar registration will be charged at the door in order to cover off short term expenses. The registration fee will be applied to the first annual membership fee once the meeting decides what that will be.


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