The Vinyl Cafe Live

Kamloops - Friday, November 1, 2002 - by: Michael Townsend



I took in a
Vinyl Cafe last night with Stew right here in Kamloops. It was very interesting. Myth - Stuart travels around living in cheap motels at his different locations. Instead he has this huge $300,000+ bus much like a pop star. The most interesting thing about seeing him live is that while reading his stories his body language is very evident, speaking as loudly as his voice would project and adding a great deal to the story, and he responds wonderfully to the reactions of the crowd. We miss this entirely on radio.

He is very shy I believe despite what he does. He travels with a very very professional band with very good credentials. There was a big picture of an old radio at the back of the stage and the light was always very low. When the band was playing he would sit in a big comfortable chair on stage with an old light much like you would find in someones living room in the 50's or 60's, just sitting back and enjoying the music. He both sits and stands to read and he is always aware of his audience and their reactions and responds to them.



At the end of the show he even did a little song and dance routine. The show was very good. The crowd was a little old for me however. I know I am grey but I was a junior in this crowd. I don't believe I would ever go to a live performance by him again but this one time was great.

Editor's note:
the Vinyl Cafe is heard every Sunday at 12:00 on CBC Radio "1" 540 on the AM dial. Each week features a reading by Stuart McLean of a story about his characters Dave and Morley, One of the gems of radio of this period in history.


Michael Townsend



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