October 26, 2001 - By: Michael Townsend
Editor's note: Mike is a regular contributor to this site and lives in Kamloops, this letter refers to Edging toward awareness from last Friday.

"On two lawns about a block from our house some people have crossed that barrier of
awareness, they have accepted the inevitability of the coming winter and decided to take
advantage of what little positive results it might have" Edging Toward Awareness
FTLComm - Tisdale - Friday, October 19, 2001

Hi Tim,

I couldn't disagree more Tim. Winter for me is a very positive time. With the coming of the cool weather of fall I always get a cold, something that happens almost the same time each year. This cold signals for me the hot summer weather is at an end and I can now look forward to hiking and climbing the hills and mountains around here in temperatures that are much more comfortable. To climb with a 30 lb. pack at temperatures of 15 degrees or higher is very uncomfortable requiring constant input of water, sometimes well over a liter an hour. But climbing at minus 10 or cooler is wonderful. While drinking is still important, it seems more a luxury than a necessity. While I think it is an illusion, the air seems cleaner, more healthy in the winter. And finally, the Bear loves this time of year. Having been born in the north, he was made for this weather. His fur returns to its normal heavy coat, resuming its natural, healthy look. Upon arrival of the first snow, his puppy-like enthusiasm returns, running and bouncing, allowing him to forget, at least for a while, that he is a 14 year old Shepherd/Wolf.

In the spring, this same illness that arrived in the fall, returns, signaling the return of weather that the Bear and I find more difficult. But at least this weather allows me back on the HOG. Physical healthiness is replaced with a sense of mental well being, while aboard the thundering beast.

Talk to you later.