Travel Storage

FTLComm - Prince Albert - Monday, June 10, 2002

Camping is a tricky business because one can never be sure exactly what you are going to need and what you can take with you is always limited.

For some years we used a pickup to camp with and it proved to be a great machine and I took a lot time and effort to build into the vehicle storage compartments. It was the storage that made the pickup good for the task and was a major contributor to the fun and adventure we had journeying through B.C. and the Yukon.

This pickup was spotted last Monday in Prince Albert with a camper on bake pulling a boat and trailer. But the thing that caught my is was the nifty idea of locating some storage up front.

This truck has a steel box fixed on the front bumper. A box this size would hold lots of those things a person needs on a trip like a hand winch, an ax, shovel, hydraulic jack, barbecue tools, a hammer, . . . well you get idea.

The box in front of the truck has the added feature of offering some extra crumple protection from deer, misplaced Volvos and tree stumps.

Looks like a good idea and should not be that difficult to have made or install.