-----------Dressup Time
FTLComm - Tisdale - September 12, 2000

With the wind it is best form for the past few days any leaves that have begun to dry out have been whisked away. This year the fall colours are coming in a rather faded green format as they generally turn from the summer green to gold.

On the South edge of town is the Honeybee Hideaway green house and its surrounding property. The picture above was taken just inside their yard which is sheltered from the wind in an island of trees that seems oblivious to the community
around it. As you drive down the street that turns into a pathway it seems as though you are drifting into a totally rural setting even though you are right on the edge of town. Below is the captivating charm of a pond and the wet trees that surround it as they appear late afternoon Monday. (this is a composite picture created from three images blended together)
There is a serenity that comes from a pond like this one and the sheltered area is not blasted by the rough wind. The warmth of the golden bullrushes and early fall trees takes the chill away and replaces it with a flavour of peacefullness.

This image like the one at the top of the page shows the radical colouration of the low folliage in the bush along the driveway. It is hard to capture these colours in the light as the camera wants to adjust itself up to the sky light and ignores the shadowed areas.

These leaves look almost like a flower arrangement with the rich dark green of summer behind them.

There are a number of factors that determine the colour of leaves as their summer life cycle ends. The soil content, the plant's health and water content, the tricks of weather all combine to create this fascinating palette of colour that paints underbrush and full trees in a random and miraculous way
each year.

This flower garden would have looked much more lush in its full summer bloom but now it has a special resilence to it, the strong hardy plants assert themselves standing up to low temperatures and short days making their last stand against the inevitable.

As in all living things the only immortality is in succession, life after life after life. Each of us living things have our number days to stand in the sun and do what we do but in time and season each of us must struggle cherishing life until our time comes to an end. I really love this flower garden.
The scene below is what you see as you leave this little nook, the playground on the South side of the campgrounds is the park that is along side the road into Honeybee hideaway.
Throughout town there are a number of these great trees with their bright red fruit. We have one of these trees in our front yard but unlike this one and many others now heavy and awaiting this winter,s visit from the porta-potties of the sky (Boehemian Waxwings) our tree produced very little fruit however, this does not mean the FTLComm van will be safe from the blotted fruit eating fatboys.