That's Why Its Called Fall

FTLComm - Tisdale - September 24, 2000

The street above shows us almost the postcard appearance of so many streets as the trees have changed their colour and so quickly let go of the leaves that blow about forming little wind rows along the curb.

One lady was out in her yard a few blocks from this picture with a broom tidying up the errant leaves from her still dark green lawn.

The sky high over head shows the interrupted movement of the cold arctic front as warm dry air once more attempts to take control of Saskatchewan and this is the demarcation line.

You have to give them credit. This summer I made every effort to high light many other varieties of flowers
that dressed the yards and gardens of our community but when things get a little tough the tough just keep on going and as we can see in this fall picture of a lovely Tisdale home the petunias asserted their continued vitality in the face of growing adversity. This yard with its conifer trees is oblivious to the seasonal change. Its flowers blooming and only a few tell tale stray leaves betray the time of the year.