June - A Time For Weddings

FTLComm - Moosomin - June 12, 1999

This wedding day was in 1944. Farm boy and farm girl marry with all the usual promises and indeed there was richer and poorer, there was sickness and health and they kept those promises until death did them part.

He nearly died from complications from appendectomy surgery and she had polio during the height of the epidemic and was not struck by the paralytic version. Together they had three children and six grandchildren in a good life that saw his career progress from labourer to management and after the children left home, she too worked in a number of jobs to her great satisfaction.

Just after Christmas of 93 her fight with cancer ended.

What had begun with promises and this pose in front of a photographer was a life together. Sharing in the adventure of life, earning a living to support his family, making a home that was safe and intellectually stimulating. Though neither of them had finished high school all three of their children graduated with a university degree and two went on to post graduate work.

If you are wondering about the institution of marriage as so many of us question what seems like a high divorce rate, and so many people choosing to develop informal, perhaps even temporary relationships, this couple, like so many of their generation, took the concept as their pattern for a positive life together, and each developed within that marriage their own strengths and achievements. He achieved success as a square dance caller travelling around

the country bring fun and entertainment to hundreds of people and she mastered the art of social leadership and together they were able to compliment one another in the tasks to which they applied themselves. He excelled in cabinet making and carpentry and she in interior decoration, gardening and the kitchen arts.

This picture was taken in June of 1990 as they enjoyed their family about them at their summer lake spot. In retirement they travelled enjoyed golf, fishing, boating and both were avid Rider fans. There friends from all the many places they lived are legion for during their years together they lived in Kelso, Langbank, Vandura, Kipling, Moose Jaw, Regina and the summers at Crooked Lake.

Though she is no longer living among us their relationship and legacy continues. Promises have been made and kept.