Farmer's Market Tuesday

FTLComm - Tisdale - Tuesday, July 17, 2001

In the midst of one of the driest years this area has seen in years there was little evidence at the bounty offered for sale at the weekly farmer's market.

It was 9:30 before these pictures were taken and by then much of the mornings produce had already been sold.

From tomatoes to Saskatoons this weekly produce event is a shopper's delight and to be able to stop and visit with the grower is just an added bonus to the experience.

As with most things in Tisdale, the social aspects of the market are perhaps more important than the commercial end of things as customers and vendors alike visited and joked under the gray pallor of this humid Tuesday morning.

Of course not all of what is for sale is garden produce as this table of baked goods is almost always present at every market and the table shown above has eggs, flour and buck wheat as well as fresh bread from the Star City Colony.

But, to have the pick of the market you must be there early as shoppers are ready to snap up the outstanding values as soon as the booths open at eight. By 9:30 many of the choice items the Star Colony sell were already sold out for today's market. But they with the others will be all back with full tables a week from today.

Wendy's garden vegetables look just superb with excellent prices for beets and lettuce.

The flower man steals the show every Tuesday as this week he has a forest of potted and cut lilies of all colours. The potted plants are in the foreground of this picture and are an excellent way to put some of these hardy and really easy to care for flowers in your yard.

Rudy's garden from Carrot River (below) is a regular vendor at every market and always has just fabulous products for sale. Today's highlight is seen at the very bottom of the page, Saskatoons, big Saskatoons by the bushel.

The farmer's market is open every Tuesday at 8:00 in downtown Tisdale and is something you don't want to miss. These are still open now until noon but they will all be there next week with even more special products.

The impressive thing about the farmer's market is the extra ordinary high quality of everything from the flowers to the fruit, the cookies to the cabbage, great values at reasonable prices and free smiles.