FTLComm - Tisdale - February 27, 2000
The picture above was taken at about ten minutes after six last night and the black field stretching out with only patches of snow tells us that this is not just a warm spell but the weather has changed.

When the village of Weekes first built the present skating and curling rink that serves that community in 1974 and 75 the end of the natural ice and closure of the rink for the season was on April 9th one year and April 6th another as I was the principal at Weekes then and each day opened the skating rink for a noon hour skate. This weekend Weekes had to cancel their annual curling bonspiel because the ice conditions would not permit the event to continue and there was concern about being able to hold their skating carnival that was scheduled for this weekend and has been going every year since the mid seventies when we living in the community.

Last night as the CBC Newsworld gave a brief weather summary from coast to coast to coast there were positive temperatures in all locations below the 60th and today's high in Whitehorse was expected to be -4 and -9 in Yellowknife. Quite remarkable!

The picture below shows last night's setting sun with the utterly clear Western sky.