FTLComm - Idaho - September 20, 2000
The only information I have on this picture is that it was taken by John McColgan, and was taken in the Salmon area of the state during the savage bout of fires they endured in August and early September.

Often when I see a really dramatic picture I have the deep down wish that I had had the good fortune to have taken such a picture, but when I saw this one and considered the scale of destruction that swept through North Western United States this summer, I feel comforted that I did not take this picture.

When considering if it was appropriate to put this picture in Ensign, without the photographer's permission, I really was concerned because, we make a big effort to present you with original current material on Ensign every day. But when I received this picture this morning, I just felt that you needed to see this, and if I didn't put it on a web page, you might never see and feel the message such an image conveys. So thanks to John McColgan, we are looking into the caldron of flames as a mountain and all that was once on it, is vapourised.